Best Apartment Listings for Henderson, Nevada

When I was younger, as in my early 20s, or thereabouts, I thought that it would be awesome to live in Las Vegas. I thought that for a number of reasons, but most of it was just foolishness, and a love for the type of over-indulgence that is typical of college students in their early 20s. Anyway, now that I actually have the opportunity, I don’t actually want to live there, and instead, I am looking for apartments for rent in Henderson NV as opposed to trying to find a place to live in Las Vegas.

I am not sure how bad my commute will be, to drive back and forth between Las Vegas and Henderson on a daily basis for work. I know that they are pretty close together, as I saw online that they are about 16 miles apart, but I am sure it varies a lot depending on what part of each city you are going and coming from. Right now, I commute 22 miles to work every day, which only takes twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the traffic and the weather.

I expect that the same sort of situation is the case for this prospective commute. I have no idea how bad the traffic will be though. I imagine it is worse than my present situation. Perhaps there are some public transportation options that are faster. I am going to be moving to the area, because of a job offer that I just received last week, and that is why I am now looking to find an apartment in Henderson. It seems like it would be a lot quieter and more suited to the type of life I want to live, as opposed to actually living in Las Vegas. Though, it will be nice living close to the city.